New Barrels & Screws

We are able to offer new screws and barrels from 3/4" (20mm) up to 3 1/2" (90mm) in size. Our machining capabilities include many design profiles from the traditional single stage screw to the much more complex barrier/wave configuration. 4140 alloy steel (general purpose extruder screw material), nitralloy 135m (general purpose injection screw material), 17-4ph stainless steel, monel k500, and hastalloy (corrosion resistant materials) are the primary materials used in the manufacture of our Al-Be plasticating screws. A bimetallic lined barrel blank is used exclusively on all the extrusion and injection barrels we manufacture. Linings can be provided for various operating parameters, general purpose, abrasion resistance, or corrosion resistance.

Barrel and Screw
New bimetallic lined barrel with chrome plated screw

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Rebuilt Screws

Our screw rebuilding capabilities range from 2" (50mm) up to 3 1/2" (90mm) in size. We typically use a Colmanoy 56 hardfacing weld in most rebuilding applications. The rebuilding process can be finalized by hard chrome plating or nitriding the surface of the screw being rebuilt to bring it back to original factory specifications.

Worn Screw and Rebuilt Screw
Worn and newly rebuilt thermoplastic screw

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Rebuilt Barrels

In many instances, it is not cost effective to rebuild a barrel. Purchase of a new barrel would be the best option. However, if cost becomes a consideration, barrels can be honed (machining the internal bore and polishing) to a minimum clean up. Honing allows the barrel to be used for a longer duration with the same consistency as a new barrel. However, once a barrel is honed to a new internal dimension, the corresponding screw must be rebuilt to match the new honed barrel size. In most cases, the corresponding screw would be worn and also in need of rebuilding. When completed, the matched honed barrel and rebuilt screw will have the same factory tolerances as new, with the benefit of like new performance, and the cost savings of rebuilt over new.

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Other Services

One of the many services we offer at Al-Be Industries includes die refurbishing (removing the surface plating, welding and/or machining as necessary, polishing, and re-plating). We are capable of refurbishing sheet dies up to 48" wide and film dies up to 28" in diameter.

Al-Be Technician
Al-Be technician measuring a 16" blown film die prior to refurbishing

We also offer analysis of the wear between the screw and barrel of your extruder or injection molding machines. Our trained technicians can measure barrels and screws as small as 3/4" and as large as 6" in diameter. A detailed report can be provided along with recommendations (excessive wear contributes greatly to the loss of output among other inherent problems). Inspections can be set up well in advance to accommodate production schedules.

Al-Be Employee
Al-Be employee polishing a 24" film die

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